Die casting
Jiaming die-casting to provide clients with professional design, production of die-casting mold, zinc alloy die casting, CNC machining, drilling, tapping, polishing, surface treatment, testing and packaging one-stop service.For many international famous enterprises provide a good service.
Automatic lathe parts
Jiaming automatic lathe pieces of minimum tolerance can guarantee within 0.005 0.01, the minimum cutting can be within 0.25 MM to 15.0 MM in diameter, cutting length is 70 MM within the largest copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum and other micro batch processing of metal parts.
CNC machining
Jiaming CNC machining metal parts production, the products include all kinds of aluminum alloy radiator cavity, communications equipment, electronic devices shell, clamp fixture, etc., take the customer demand as the guide, quality as own duty, for the price of the optimal production customers the most satisfactory products.
Hardware that defend bath
Jiaming sanitary hardware in unique, noble, elegant, colorful aesthetic products, to create a whole artistic space, meet the needs of the different way of life people.
Household items
Enjoy quality, casting classic!Create a grade, lead your life!Jiaming production of metal household act the role ofing is tasted deeply domestic and foreign family love, jiaming to create the high-quality goods, handed down from ancient times to healthy household hardware into the thousands.
Christmas gifts
Constant love yao Christmas, love warm hearts, jiaming production hardware Christmas ornaments entered the European and American families, create a good atmosphere for the festival.Products include: Christmas hooks, hanging ornament, candlestick, photo frame place adorn, etc.
Hardware products
Jiaming metal from the company since its inception, focused on the mold, die-casting, punching, CNC, milling, lathe processing, drilling, tapping, polishing, surface treatment and so on a series of processing methods, processing of raw materials including, zinc, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron and other materials.You are welcome to inquire.
Jiaming electroplating technology team combined with years of accumulation of professional theory, provide customers with design services, customized products is rich in plating kind of strong r&d capability and for the customer to choose many kinds of plating, processing capacity to meet the requirements of customers products of high precision, plating materials widely, high surface finish, good wear resistance, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance.
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